What is Sustain Good?

Sustain Good is a seasonal subscription box for ethically-sourced women’s clothing. Each quarter, the subscribers will receive five pieces of seasonally-appropriate clothing items from companies that believe style does not have to mean damaging the environment and exploiting their workers.


Who is this box for?

Women who enjoy fashionable, budget-friendly, and ethically-made clothing.


How much does it cost?

We’re still in the process of pricing , but it will be <$200 per quarter.


Can I return the clothes if I don’t like them?

Yes! You can exchange the clothes for a different size (subject to availability), or just return an item and receive a portion of your initial cost back.


What if I miss a box but want one of the items?

We will have a limited amount of clothing available for sale on our site.


How do I find out more about the suppliers?

For each box, we’ll have a page explaining where all of the clothing comes from, the ethical practices of each company, and a webpage where you can learn and buy more.


Can I pause my subscription if I don’t want to receive it this season?

Absolutely! Just let us know how long you want to pause it, and we won’t send you another box until  you want one.


How will you know what size to send me?

When you sign up for a box, you will complete a size quiz so we can determine the best size to order for you from each supplier.


Why do you need my credit card so early?

We order from the wholesalers, so we need to have a number of commitments before we can ship each quarter.  Don’t worry, we won’t charge you until the box ships?